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We are eager to welcome and know you better! Here are a few tips about your moving-in.

Checklist & tips for moving in

Organizing and going through with your moving here is not a piece of cake – but it can also be exciting to get prepared for a new lifestyle. Many of our residents have brought along pieces of furniture and whatever objects they needed or wanted: from clothes, books, plants, to their favorite reading armchair, coffee table or curtains. Your room is your most personal place, where you can rest, relax and enjoy every activity that you like. It should reflect you, your taste and preferences, and make you feel completely at home.

We have prepared a useful check-list of data and documents we need to collect upon your arrival.

Medical Information

  • —  Resident’s full name
  • —  Birth place
  • —  Social Security Card
  • —  Responsible party’s name, address, phone
  • —  Emergency contact name, address , phone
  • —  Insurance Card
  • —  Medicare Card
  • —  Physician’s name, address, phone
  • —  Dentist’s name, address, phone
  • —  Pharmacy name, address, phone
  • —  Advance directives (living will or durable power of attorney for health)

Personal Information

Of course we will have plenty of time to know you better and vice versa, but it helps to know a few things about yourself from the beginning. This way, we can work on making you feel comfortable and ease your adjustment from the very first day!

  • —  Special Interests
  • —  Hobbies
  • —  Favorite Holiday
  • —  Unique quality or trait / Talent
  • —  Likes / Dislikes
  • —  Pets
  • —  Church affiliation if any