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When you visit a foster care home, you want to know all the details. Here is a selection of useful FAQs.

Northwest Home Health FAQs

We have been taking care of seniors and talking to families for almost two decades now, so it has become common for us to receive specific questions regarding our services and / or the general services provided by typical care homes. Here, we have selected the most relevant of them.

How is health care managed in our care home?

When we admit you to Northwest Home Health, we will need to be familiarized with your state of health and any ongoing medical treatments. Further, we cover all procedures involving light health care, such as regular and correct medication, walking and mobility assistance, personal hygiene and basic nursing. In the case of a diet-dependent condition, we will offer you personalized meals based on your doctor’s prescriptions. In cases of mental illnesses in various stages or other medical conditions that require advanced care, we can integrate the necessary assistance via one of our professional collaborators in health services. However, any advanced health care service is accounted for separately and is not included in the monthly housing & services cost.

Do we provide transportation to medical appointments?

We surely do. Taking care of our residents also involves transportation to various places, as needed. We typically do arrange transportation a few days prior to the date it is needed, so as to maintain the residents’ schedule organized and relaxed. In the case of unscheduled transportation, a supplementary fee is required. Residents who are regularly obliged to visit their doctor or medical care provider due to an ongoing illness may be suggested to find alternative means of transport, if other members of our staff are unable to assist them when necessary.

Is there a fixed visiting schedule?

No. Here, at Northwest Home Health, our residents enjoy the freedom of a true “home away from home”. This also means that visiting hours are highly flexible, within reasonable limits, of course. If a family member desires to visit during rest hours, we highly appreciate a prior phone call, so that other residents are sure to not be bothered in their private time.

Is the daily three-meal menu mandatory?

Some seniors might not consume the entire meals due to various reasons. However, we make sure those meals are available for them, because a healthy, nutritious diet is of great help to an aging body. We only encourage healthy eating and respect dietary plans, so every senior is able to make the most of his stay at Northwest Home Health.

Are family members allowed to bring food from home or restaurant to the elders?

Yes, as long as the food in question is in accordance to the elder’s diet recommendations and is visibly fresh and well cooked.

Can family members take the elder to their home for one or several days?

As long as the resident’s health condition allows safe mobility and a relaxed assistance, yes, we even encourage family bonding. Seniors are often very motivated by their family’s affection.