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Signs that you should consider foster home care, for you or your elder

When is foster care home necessary?

Aging is a process that involves many aspects prone to evolve in an unpredictable direction. While it is ideal for any senior to remain at home, among family and loved ones, and take care of daily activities in a satisfying manner, there are situations which indicate that something is not working perfectly anymore.

If one or more of the conditions mentioned below applies to you or a parent whom you take care of, then the benefits of a foster care facility would likely improve the quality of everyday life for the person in question.

  • —  Increased difficulty in preparing meals and ensuring a proper nutrition
  • —  Difficulty in completing basic house and self-care activities, such as dressing, bathing, shopping, doing laundry, using transportation
  • —  Facing physical weakness and lack of mobility, which can result in falls and bruises
  • —  Dealing with an illness or recovery state which necessitates rest and generally assisted living
  • —  Not being able to take medication regularly and properly, not being able to comply with doctor’s prescriptions
  • —  Having trouble remembering names, places, encountering moments of confusion and insecurity
  • —  Not coping well with loneliness, depression, anxiety or the loss of a loved one
  • —  Family’s and close ones’ inability to provide the necessary support

We know that resorting to an adult care home is a sensitive decision to make, but it is very important that you are aware and convinced of the priceless help that a quality senior foster home provides.

Safety, comfort and proper care are paramount for a senior.